Starfinders - Elf

The written description of this character was long:
The elf has gold skin - Tanned hairless skin with yellow eyes. the tip of my left ear is missing. and the rest of the ear is burned along with part of my left cheek. I wear round-lens industrial-style goggles on my head that has a magnifying glass that flips down over my right eye. I wear light semi-tight fitting clothing (top and pants separate) in an army green, with cut-off sleeves and black lace-up boots that reach my lower calves. With a black belt with large pockets on the back-left for my screw-drivers, blow-torch, a soldering iron, and small welding wand, some wires, miscellaneous small items used to repair and create mechanical items. on the front-left is smaller pocket that holds a medium sized datapad used for drone control. On the right side I have several grenades attached to the belt, and hanging from that is a holster for my flare gun that is strapped down to my leg using belts that go around my thigh. On my pants I have tough grey kneepads that have scratches and a bit worn out, in general. I wear black gloves with cut-offs for fingers. He is muscular.

They chose concept V2 with minor detail changes.